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Womens Platinum,Tungsten Wedding Rings & Bands

platinum wedding rings
platinum weddingrings

In terms of metal selections for a womans wedding ring, platinum surely is the Rolls Royce of wedding bands. With its classic white metal appeal and sheen which lasts eternally, platinum wedding rings are some of the most sought after wedding bands for brides world wide.
Traditionally, wedding rings are fashioned out of gold. However, during the 1990's, platinum had a major resurgence as a popular metal for wedding rings. While more expensive than your general gold wedding bands, platinum wedding rings are far more durable and less prone to daily wear and tear. A platinum wedding ring really is a solid investment, and will provide you with a wedding ring that you can pass down to generations to come.
Platinum's main appeal is aesthetic. The glimmering white metal is resistant to tarnish and hard to scratch. This means that a platinum womens wedding ring will look as spectacular in 50 years time as the day it was first slipped onto your finger by your loved one. Platinum wedding rings offer timeless sophistication and a platinum wedding band is a piece of jewelry which will never go out of style, unlike rings made from other alternative metals.
Platinum wedding rings are also fantastic choices for ladies who suffer from metal allergies. Platinum is hypoallergenic, meaning that you can wear your precious wedding ring daily and never have to fret about adverse and painful reactions.
While platinum wedding rings tend to be a little more expensive than general wedding rings, we at are proud to announce that we have an amazing selection of platinum womens wedding rings available at extremely competitive and affordable prices. As we do not have the overheads of a general retail store, and as we work directly with our manufactures, we are able to offer our platinum wedding rings at prices that you will not find anywhere else.

wedding rings
wedding rings

While more traditionally associated with mens wedding bands, Tungsten wedding rings are now hitting the market for ladies. Often more delicate in shape and feminine in design, womens tungsten wedding rings are becoming extremely popular with women looking for a solid and beautiful wedding ring that will last a life time.
Tungsten wedding rings ofter unique durability. They are scratch and dent resistant, meaning that your tungsten wedding ring will look as good in years to come as the day you first received it. Tungsten wedding rings are fantastic options to consider for women who perform a lot of heavy work on a daily basis. Even for those who stick with more traditional feminine roles, a tungsten wedding band is stylish and won't show the general wear and tear that a conventional gold wedding ring does.
Women are opting for tungsten wedding rings more and more frequently. Some ladies, especially younger brides admire the aesthetic and unique appeal of a darker metal wedding ring which will look great, no matter what new fashions are available. Additionally, we are in the process of receiving a brand new line of white tungsten wedding rings for women, which have more of a traditional appeal, akin to a platinum wedding ring.
Tungsten wedding bands are a more affordable alternative to some of the more conventional wedding rings available. With prices starting at under $200, tungsten womens wedding rings are fantastic for couples on a budget, looking for a wedding ring that will last for a long time.
Many women prefer wedding bands made from tungsten as they are hypoallergenic. This makes tungsten rings the ideal choice for women who suffer from metal allergies as a tungsten wedding band will not generate a rash or irritation as a gold wedding ring quite often does.
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